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Japanese stocks plunge! : 05.23.2013

Japan stocks dive as benchmark bond yield spikes. Japanese stocks plunge 7.3 percent on bond yields, worse-than-expected China manufacturing. The sentence was posted by Yahoo! Finance. Today, in Japan. Tokyo Stock Exchange was plunge. In the morning, N...

Topped 200 points! of of Bowling.

I kept throwing bowling one half months. And then, My score was topped 200 points! My average also was topped 160 points!

Age 30.5

Today. I became Age 30.5. After half year, I become Age 31!

Backup system to build!

Last week, my home system was broken! This system is virtual machine by VMware(ESXi5.0). Sevral virtual OS was not to start. I was recovering the system. But part of data was lost. I thought it need strong backup system to my home system. So, I will b...

I played a bowling.

Yesterday, I played a bowling. Since 2,3 years? My arms tired in the third game. And my score was down than second game. I need training? My Score

Conditions by timestamp by PHP

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  7.             // Get timestamp
  8.             $get_unix = filemtime($file);
  10.             // Specify the time range(condition)
  11.             if(strtotime('2013-02-01 22:30:00') <= $get_unix && $get_unix <= strtotime('2013-02-01 22:40:00')){
  12.                 echo $file.' is 「2013/02/01 22:30:00」 ~ 「2013/02/01 22:40:00」['.date('Y/m/d H:i:s',$get_unix).']<br />';
  13.             }else{
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  18. }

Operational improvements at Evernote!

At work, my junior has released a report "Improving business related to Evernote". I don't know actual usage of Evernote on business. So, it's very interesting!

How should be education of programing?

New faces came to my department, Monday of this week. One person is job-change. Another one person is a change department. The another one person, he is beginner of programing. So, I have to educate him about programing. How should be education of prog...

The Strong the SELECT and the CONCENTRATION!

the SELECTand the CONCENTRATION. It is sometimes said. The time is limited. So, we should be to select and to concentrate, for purpose of myself. It was feel easy, but It would be difficult in practice.

Dual display is dark!

When I start the computer, Dual display is dark.
Dark, Black, Blind…


I updated Windows of my PC 1/12.

One of them, there was a graphics driver “Intel Corporation – Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1, Graphics Adapter WDDM1.2 – Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000“.
Perhaps, I think because of this driver was caused to this phenomenon.

So, I uninstalled this driver.
And, I installed new graphics driver from Intel website.

Install later, rebooted my PC.
And I resolved this problem !

テーマ検出に使用される仮の記事 (65605d0f-7205-484c-9eea-d66c500c3599 – 3bfe001a-32de-4114-a6b4-4005b770f6d7)

これは、削除されなかった仮の記事です。この記事を手動で削除してください。(965b7953-afa3-4dc0-9bf0-85ad1250958f – 3bfe001a-32de-4114-a6b4-4005b770f6d7)


Today, I went to workplace.
But today is my holiday.Saturday, and Sunday.
I have worked in my holiday from last year November, sometimes.

When it would end up?

It does not know anyone.
Including myself…

Blog Open by English

I started the blog today.
I am writing this blog in English.

Until now, I have started the blog in English、as well.

But, I could not continue.

So, anyway, I want to continue writing this blog.
It’s “try and action” spirit.